Refund Policy at Tradvantage Academy:

      We believe learning should be all about fun and acquiring skill-sets in stress-free environment.

Imparting right knowledge to everyone which actually adds value to their life is our prime objective. 

The Course has been structured in such a way that everyone irrespective of prior experience will be able to make best use of all the knowledge, resources and techniques provided in the Courseware.

This is our 5th year of Online training and mentoring with our path breaking Study modules & innovative trading methodologies.

Even though our Courses and services are delivered Digitally, we do have robust policy for Refund.

We all know in Education and Training Services there is limited scope for refund of Course & services fee.

BUT since we have 110% trust on our Product & Service that it is incredibly valuable for Market Participants we do have provision of Refund of Course & Training Fees in exceptional cases  - Wherein Customer claims that the techniques and strategies are not workable and that s/he's not able to implement it practically in any way even after going through the personal training  & mentoring via Call/WhatsApp/Google Meet or Zoom discussion sessions. After duly verifying the claims via contract notes and trading results for techniques implemented, we will promptly initiate the refund of fees as per the following policy. 

Yes, the refund provided is upto 100% of the total course fee paid depending on the satisfactory level of customer based on course content & services. The satisfactory level is decided by the Subscriber.  A Subscriber has to decide what percentage of course fee they want as Refund.

Refund policy is applicable for the 180 Calendar days (6 Months) starting from the registration date of the Course & Training Program. 


We have designed our Trading methodology to be absolutely stress-free affair, so how can our learning involve any stress..!

We want to provide everyone a stress-free learning experience. 

We all know physical products are returnable and replaceable.

Digital courses and Training services can at best be refunded but not returned as logistically it is not possible to expect return of digital assets and mentorship services provided by us.

But that doesn’t mean a Customer don’t have a right to have their money protected in case of deficiency of services or unsatisfactory results on use of products.

Considering the nature of Product and services offered the Refund Policy needs to be designed in a customized and flexible way so that a Course Subscriber is always in control of his/her money.

We have full faith in our product and Services (i.e Course content and Mentoring services) that we are providing a Refund Policy in good faith to our genuine and honest course subscribers.

Stock market and Financial Services sector is one which comes with reasonable about of risk on capital. It requires proper skill and technical knowledge to take informed decisions on financial matters. We all know how Stock Trading Tips Providers are taking advantage of beginners in stock market with below par products and services. In addition to losing money on their fees, most of the retail traders lose their hard earned capital on trial and error methods of trading.

Who is eligible for our Refund Policy?

A course subscriber need to use our methodologies in most honest way and see the results. And only after using it if you found that you are not getting the desired results (in our case - daily consistent profits on techniques) then you are eligible for a refund on the course fee.

**People who ask for refunds without using it or who never intended to use and implement the techniques and methodology as provided in the courseware are NOT eligible for refund. 

Any other reason apart from not getting results will not be considered. 

How the process of Refund at Tradvantage works?

  • The Process of Refund starts after receiving an email on our official id “care(at)” with mentions of date of purchase, specific reasons for refund, supporting documents like trading result screenshots, contract notes, the problems encountered while implementing our specific strategies and method. We will quickly review the request and accordingly send an agreement of termination of training services and Non-Disclosure-Draft (related to non-commercial use, reproduction of our copyrighted-course material, digital assets & other formats). This form needs to be signed by the subscriber and sent back to us via email itself (in PDF format).
  • On receipt of Non-disclosure-agreement, the subscriber will be notified about the processing of payment with the agreed mode of payment.
  • Mode of payment of Refund:  There is a separate form which comes with Non-disclosure agreement to mention the details on your Bank account/Google Pay/ UPI id etc on which the payment will be digitally processed.
  • Completion of Refund Process: On processing of payment from our end it’s important for a subscriber to acknowledge the receipt of payment in their account via an email which essentially means the Refund process has been completed successfully.

It is always suggested to read the course details on website and also go through some of the blog posts on our Knowledge series to get clear gist of what “training and services” we at Tradvantage Academy are offering.

We understand that you have come to this place with clear objective and goal in mind. You should check whether the course and Training services offered by the Tradvantage is in line with your desired objective and whether it will help in reaching your goal.

We appreciate Course subscribers who come to us with clear vision of their set financial goals so that we are able to help and guide them with best of our resources, capabilities and customized trading methodologies to let them reach their intended goals with ease and comfort.

We have full faith and belief in our "trading system and methodologies" that we train people with. We believe that it comes with “Forever Guarantee on Trading Methodology” which means a subscriber to our course will save thousands of rupees by never having to pay for another course, give monthly subscription fees to anyone or having to pay recurring fees to “fraudulent trading tips providers”.

We have an open ear for every feedback/suggestion from course subscribers which helps us in improving our content deliverability and overall learning experience for the subscribers.

For any services & refund related matters mail to care [a] with Details of payment and specifying the reasons for the refund request.


Happy to Mentor You!

-  Deepak Niranjan (WhatsApp/Telegram: 7030290174)


Founder & Mentor 

Tradvantage Academy

(A Unit of Procyon Tech Ventures OPC Pvt Ltd)